Who are Wefakeid?

Wefakeid ID have been selling ID cards online since Jan 1999. We were the first internet only ID supplier and have grown rapidly to become one of the biggest suppliers in the UK. Our business grew out of a novelty ID template site that existed up to 1999 (EZ2BFree). We then responded to requests for fully made versions of our templates and phatism ID as you see it today began.

Wefakeid Limited is a UK private limited company established in January 2001, registration number 4134745. Our address is: Phatism, PO Box 1072, Liverpool. L69 3PY. This is the address for all orders, correspondence and returns.

wefakeid ID was launched in 1999. The cost efficient, internet only order method of phatism and the vastly better level of service (same day delivery rather than 28days or never) resulted in phatism growing quickly at the expense of the established companies. Six years on and we are still going strong.

What is novelty fake ID?

Idboss Novelty ID sites in the UK operate legally and produce novelty fake ID cards. While these may resemble ID cards available from they are all completely unique designs, not copies. You are sold the card on the basis that you will not use it in any improper or illegal way.


The novelty fake ID industry began in Britain in 1989. At this time, novelty fake ID companies advertised for business solely in the classified sections of magazines and sold ID card kits for completion at home. At the end of the 1990’s the novelty ID industry moved onto the internet.


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